Our Consultants

EurIng Nigel Lloyd, Principal
Nigel Lloyd has a background in civil engineering and worked overseas for ten years. During his career as a civil engineer he became increasingly involved in staff training and development. In 1989 he joined Oscar Faber/Transportation Planning Associates as Staff Development Manager and in 1994 he set up Cambridge Professional Development. He now specialises in advising organisations from a wide range of industry sectors on the development of their professionals. Nigel has particular expertise in the Standards of Competence, Vocational Education and Training, Continuing Professional Development issues and the professional development needs of older workers. Nigel speaks French and Indonesian.

Meredith Ferro, Resources Manager
Meredith Ferro has a Post-graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and has worked in graduate recruitment and business administration before joining Cambridge Professional Development at the beginning of 2002. Meredith is responsible for CamProf's financial and administrative systems, staff resourcing and recruitment. Meredith is also currently working on an European project on work experience.